Social program


On the first day (23rd), there will be a reception dinner at the Italian restaurant "Comesta" which is located at the first floor of the Mitsui Garden Hotel. All the participants are invited to the reception.

Participants are asked to pay for the drinks which cannot be paid using public funding by Japanese law.

Drinks cost 2,000 JPY per person (free drinks). Participants are asked to prepare it (in cash) at the registration.

Excursion and social dinner

After 2.5 days of hackathon, in the afternoon of the third day (25th), we will have a break and go for an excursion then dinner.

The local organizers are excited to offer a rare chance to visit a traditional Japanese sake brewery (or winery, as sake is a kind of rice wine). Then, we will go to a soba noodle restaurant which has its home at a traditional old fork house.

A bus will be arranged to bring us to the places and back to the hotel.

Food and drinks at the restaurant will be costed 3,500 JPY per each. Participants are asked to prepare the price at the registration.

Please let us know ( in advance, if you are a vegetarian or have a food allergy.



Right next to the venue (and the hotel) is there a giant shopping mall, Lala port, where you can find a wide variation of cuisine.

In front of the hotel, there is also a convenience store which is open for 24 hours.


As you may expect, you can find almost every kind of shops in the shopping mall. There is also a big electronics store.


At least around the venue and the hotel, you can always find free wifi.


At least around the venue and the hotel, you can pay by credit card for almost everything. I recommend you to check if your credit card is usable in Japan, rather than preparing much Japanese Yen.

Also, you can easily find ATMs in the shopping mall.